Prong Collar Safety Chain (patent pending)


You can see from the photo how these safety chains are made. Go to your local hardware store, buy the appropriate size/weight chain (be sure there's some slack), attach a strong key chain or other device at either end, and that should do the trick.

If the prong or pinch collar fails (comes apart) the dog handler maintains control of the animal.

DIRECTIONS: Attach one end of the Prong Collar Safety Chain to the dog's regular collar's ring. IMPORTANT: Attach the other end to the prong collar on the center ring of the triangle formed when on the dog. (Otherwise, if the prong collar fails, your leash will no longer be attached to your dog's regular collar!)

Be sure that the attached safety chain does not hang down low enough for the dog to catch his foot in it when running.

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Some experienced dog trainers know that a prong (pinch) collar, fitted properly can save an aggressive or overly zealous dog from yanking out of your control, getting into fights, running away, or possibly hurting another dog or human.

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